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Number of internet users in India has grown many folds in the recent years. After the drastic change in the internet tariffs, internet has become more affordable. Millions of people started using now affordable mobile data. Although, it is a positive change, this accessible internet comes with a few down sides; piracy websites are one of them. Mp4Moviez, aka mp4moviez guru or mp4moviez2 or mp4movies, a good example a pirated website that has flourished in recent times. This website serves Hindi, Marathi, Telugu and Bollywood movies to its users. Mp4Moviez is also said to be becoming increasingly famous outside India as well.

Mp4Moviez website operates on different domain extensions, like,, mp4moviez.ming, mp4moviez tech, mp4 movies guru mp4moviez gg, mp4moviez la, to avoid legal trouble and shutdowns. With a long list of thousands of HD movie and TV series collection, that is free to watch and download, this site has become one of the top corsair website India.

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Is Mp4Moviez illegal?

This is one of the biggest queries that people have about this site. Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier this site is a video content piracy website which works illegally. Members of this website record the movies from the movie theatres illegally and upload it to sites like mp4moviez guru, mp4moviez ch, mp4moviez, mp4moviez li and mp4moviez tech. The members are said to be paid per download of their uploaded movies.  Both watching and downloading movies from this kind of websites are illegal and punishable offence. We do not recommend downloading or streaming movies this website. You should always download and watch movies on official platforms.

Mp4Moviez Bollywood Movies

Apart from Telugu, Tamil and other south Indian movies, Mp4Moviez also has a sizable collection of Bollywood movies as well. These movies are in Hindi language. Movies and web series from other regional languages are also dubbed in Hindi and are made available for its millions of Hindi speaking audience. In recent times Mp4Moviez has become favorite of the Bollywood loving audience. This piracy of Bollywood movies is hurting the revenue of the industry.

Mp4Moviez Marathi movies

Mp4Moviez also pirates Marathi language movies. This site has pirated many recent Marathi movies. Thousands of people are said to be using this website to watch and download their favorite mp4moviez Marathi movies and series from this site illegally.

Mp4Moviez 2021 and Mp4Moviez 2022

In the recent years, that is in 2021 and 2022 Mp4Moviez2 has flourished and thrived in the piracy world of India. This website has also gained a significant number of visitors from outside of India as well. Mp4Moviez2 is considered one of the top websites for content piracy and still offers movies and web series to the users free of cost.

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Alternative Mp4Moviez links and domains

While researching about this topic I came across many domains that were used by Mp4moviez. I have listed few of them below

  • mp4moviez ch
  • mp4moviez one
  • mp4moviez li
  • mp4
  • mp4moviez tech
  • mp4 movies guru
  • mp4
  • mp4moviez gg
  • mp4
  • mp4moviez. in
  • mp4moviez la
  • mp4moviez. guru
  • mp4moviez is
  • mp4moviez .in
  • mp4moviez. com

Mp4Moviez download options and process

Apart from giving users an option to stream the movies completely for free, mp4moviez guru also gives its users flexibility to download movies in various formats and play it offline whenever they wish. Users of this site can download their favorite movie either in Mp4, Avi or Mkv formats. This site also gives its users flexibility to choose from different video qualities such as Blue-Ray, Full HD or HD 720p. Servers of Mp4Moviez are quite optimized and the download speed also fairly fast.

To download a movie or TV series all you have to do is to click the download given in the respective movie or web series page and then, you have to choose your download quality and format. The download starts automatically after few seconds.  

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What are mp4moviez guru,, mp4moviez2 and mp4moviez ch?

As you already know that sites like Mp4Moviez are illegal, they are always at a risk of getting banned and blacklisted by the government. These sites are often removed form reputed search engine results like google and Bing. To avoid backlisting piracy sites regularly change their domain extension.  Sites like mp4moviez guru, mp4moviez2, and mp4moviez ch are nothing but alias of Mp4Moviez created as a backup in case the original site is delisted from the search engines or banned in the country.

Latest movie additions to Mp4Moviez and search patterns

Everyday the movie catalogue of the site Mp4Moviez is adding some new names. As soon as a new movie hits the theatre there is a high have you will see it listed in this site. This is possible as this site has thousand of members who acquire the movie illegally and upload it. Some of the latest movies and web series added to Mp4Moviez are Pushpa, Shershaah, RRR, Dilwale, The family man 2 and Avengers infinity war.

Below is a list of movie topics people are searching in these sites

  • pushpa movie download in hindi mp4moviez
  • shershaah full movie download mp4moviez
  • rrr full movie hindi dubbed download mp4moviez
  • ullu web series download mp4moviez guru
  • dilwale dulhania le jayenge full movie download mp4moviez
  • pushpa full movie download in hindi mp4moviez
  • the family man season 2 download mp4moviez
  • avengers infinity war full movie in hindi download mp4moviez
  • mohabbatein full movie download mp4moviez
  • rangasthalam full movie in hindi dubbed download mp4moviez
  • maharshi full movie in hindi dubbed download mp4moviez

Role of the government and need of laws to stop piracy

Making a movie regardless if it is Bollywood or Hollywood, takes a lot of hard work and effort. These movies are released on theatres from which the producers and investors make money. Illegal websites like mp4moviez hosts pirated copy of the new movies, sometimes even before it is officially released in the theatres. Movies listed in this site are free to watch and download for the users but they are illegally sourced and do not obey copyright policies. Leaking of a movie online can hurt the marketing and income of the movie. The producers and investors of the movie can suffer huge loss.

India has several acts in place to stop piracy. The government of India also has taken some good steps towards preventing piracy of the video contents. According to the Cinematograph Act, approved in 2019, any person found recording a film without the written consent of the producer can be punished with a jail term of up to 3 years. Along with this, a fine of Rs 10 lakh can also be imposed on the culprits.

People who upload pirated copies of movies and web series on illegal torrent or other peer to peer websites can also face prison sentences. We constantly advise our readers to watch a movies only on official websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar etc. Streaming or downloading any content from any illegal site can put you in legal trouble.

According to Indian piracy laws you can face charges if you run such illegal website or help someone else run this kind of websites. Even downloading or watching copyrighted movie from sites like Mp4Moviez for free online can attract legal action.

Our article is a study based on research on the website Mp4Moviez. The main motto of this article is to educate the readers about this website. Our website is not a movie sharing or download website.

DISCLAIMER: does not intent to promote or condone piracy in any form. Piracy is an act of crime and is considered a serious offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. This article aims to inform the general public about piracy and encourage them to be safe from such acts.

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